What are your hours of operation?

Boulder Campervans operates 9:00am - 5:00pm, 5 days per week. Campervan pick up & drop-offs are by appointment only. Although, we are open to handle any customer inquiries, we are not physically onsite during all office hours. If you’d like to stop by to check out a campervan or chat, give us a call first to schedule the appointment.

When do I pick up my camper van?

Camper van Pick-Up: 12:00pm Address: 4830 Sterling Dr, Boulder CO, 80301 Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure a team member will be there to greet you. Reach out to us immediately if your itinerary has changed.

When do I drop off my camper van?

Camper van Drop-Off: Before 11am Drop off location:4830 Sterling Dr, Boulder Co, 80301 Full-nights rental fee applied for drop off after 12am. Please give us a call if you don't think you will be getting your vehicle back in time, we’ll work to accommodate you the best we can. Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure a team member will be there to greet you.

What is the cancellation policy?


  • Reservation deposit (50% of full trip cost) is non-refundable
  • If the renter has paid in full and the booking is canceled more than 14 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the full rental amount (minus fees) is issued
  • If canceled and the renter has only paid the reservation deposit, no refund is issued
  • If canceled less than 14 days prior to booking start date, no refund is issued

All cancellations must be submitted to Info@BoulderCampervans.com or call at 303-539-6996

The security deposit will be refunded in full if the booking is canceled at any time prior to departure. Otherwise, the security deposit policy will remain in effect.

If Boulder Campervans LLC cancels the booking before the renter pickup date, a full refund (including all fees) will be issued. Boulder Campervans LLC can cancel reservation at anytime.

U.S. military service members are eligible for a full refund if their cancellation is due to them, or a family member, entering active military duty.

Boulder Campervans LLC reserves the right to have sole and absolute discretion in all cancellation amounts and disputes.

How does COVID-19 affect the our cancellation policy?

Because of the rapidly-evolving nature of COVID-19, we are currently unable to adapt our policies around the pandemic. Though we made exceptions in March, we must now return to our original cancellation policies put in place for the protection of our valued renters and dedicated owners.

Before booking a planned vacation or last-minute getaway, please examine the our cancellation policy thoroughly and research how COVID-19 may be affecting your travel destination.

What is my mileage limit?

100 miles/day included in rental. Excess mileage @ $.45/mile

Are there any travel duration/destination restrictions?

We have no limitations to the length of your rental and encourage you to take your time and see this beautiful region. Regarding destination, go where you like in the Continental US & Canada (so long as it abides by the clauses in Terms & Conditions).

What is your roadside assistance policy?

We provide 24 hour roadside assistance within the Continental US & Canada. If needed, we’ll respond as quickly as possible so that we can get you back on the road and enjoying your vacation.

Do you offer one-way rentals?

We do not offer one-way rentals at this time.

When should I reserve my camper van?

Since our Camper vans book up quickly, we recommend you try reserving your vehicle a few weeks/months out. We do have last minute deals, so feel free to contact us anytime.

What happens if I break down?

All Boulder Campervans have an option for Roadside Assistance on checkout throughout the continental United States. In the event of mechanical issues, please contact Boulder Campervans asap. Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible. However, if your vehicle is unavailable overnight due to being held at a repair shop, you will be refunded for that night’s rental. If possible, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle if one is available. In the unlikely event that the vehicle cannot be fixed or replaced, Boulder Campervans will refund the remaining days of the rental agreement and assist you in reaching the nearest destination.

Can I take the campervan out of state?

Yes, All of our Campervans are permitted throughout the Continental US & Canada. No extra fees associated.

What is my responsibility when renting a camper van?

You are required to use the correct fuel and protect the vehicle against inclement weather. Failure to do so will result in damages due to the customer. Our winter fleet comes equipped with snow tires, but we advise you to use your best judgement and only travel when you are comfortable to handle winter conditions. Cleaning - We ask that each van be returned in a clean and respectable state, similar to when you picked it up initially. A mandatory fee inbetween $80-100 will be charged to the renter at the time of booking Tire Damage - Boulder Campervans will replace and change tires on a regular basis due to wear and tear. All other damages incurred to the tires/wheels is the customer's responsibility. Windshield Damage - Any new damage to the windshield is the responsibility of the renter.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome in some Campervan models. Customer is responsible for any damages to the Campervan by the dog. A pet fee may be applied to reservation.


RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMANGE OR LOSS; REPORTING TO POLICE Renters are held fully responsible for all damage to, or loss, or theft of, the all rental equipment, including the cost of repair, or the actual cash retail value of the equipment on the date of the loss if the equipment is not repairable or if we elect not to repair the equipment, plus loss of use, diminished value of the equipment caused by damage to it, or repair of it, and our administrative expenses incurred processing the claim, regardless of whether or not renters are at fault. Renters must report and accident or incident of theft and vandalism to the local law enforcement as soon as renters discover them. Renters must also make contact with Boulder Campervans, LCC to let the company aware of any damages.

Winter Rentals

Vehicles do not have water in them below 25 degrees.

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